My name is Matt Borden and I am a Peace Corps Volunteer. I am currently serving as an English teacher at an Islamic high school in Indonesia. My students and I are starting a project called Postcards to Java and we need your help!

We ask you to please send us a postcard from the place you call home. One international stamp costs just $1.10 in the United States. We hope to collect postcards from all 50 states and from all over the globe (except maybe Antarctica… but we can hope).

This project is designed to address Peace Corps’ three goals. Our specific focus on Java is English education and writing in to us will provide my students with an exciting opportunity to apply their language skills. What’s more, your message will help promote a better understanding of people from other countries in Indonesia. When we receive your postcard one of my students will write you back. Hopefully, you will come away having learned something about this fascinating country called Indonesia. The students and I sincerely appreciate your participation and we look forward to your postcard!

Ready to start writing? Get involved.

Lastly, thank you Farfum Ladroma (Tonga 2009-2011) and Melissa Culkin (Nicaragua 2010-2012) for the inspiration.